Why Ruby?

Ruby is the easiest language to learn

Ruby is a high-level language. This means that the code written in this language is not directly understood by the computer – most of the code is actually normal English words, so when you start the adventure with programming, Ruby is the easiest language to learn.

By learning an easier language, you can reach a higher level of knowledge much faster.

Ruby is the beginning of Ruby on Rails

Many people are not sure what the difference is between Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Ruby is a programming language, Ruby on Rails is a framework that uses Ruby. Think of the framework as a set of ready-made code that the programmer can use to build the application.

Still not clear? To create any application (let’s compare it to a sandwich), you need a framework, some bread to your sandwich. In our case, the framework is Ruby on Rails. However, to have bread, you must first bake it with flour and water, which symbolize Ruby as a programming language. To sum up, the Ruby on Rails framework is written in Ruby, which is the basis of the application. Now it's easier to grasp, right?

Ruby has an amazing community

Are you stuck with a programming problem or have a question? The Ruby community is huge and full of enthusiasts who will be happy to help you. Gatherings where developers meet in person to learn from each other are very popular. A very famous group is KRUG, or the Kraków Ruby User Group.

How to start learning Ruby?

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